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Why HPP?

HPP is one of the most innovative technologies to be introduced to the food industry in recent years enabling longer life, better quality and new food products to reach the market. At Deli 24 we have a hugely experienced team to support you in taking your products to market

High Pressure Processing Technology

HPP is a cold ‘pasteurisation’ process which causes sub lethal damage to microorganisms but has minimal effect on the flavour or nutritional attributes of foods and drinks.

HPP Applications

HPP is a suitable post packaging preservation method for a wide variety of moisture rich foods such as meat, fish, plant based foods and drinks. Packaging needs to be flexible (not glass or metal) and waterproof (not paper based) in order for the pressure to be effective and packaging to remain intact.

Launching a brand new baby food concept to the market certainly had its long list of challenges.

Deli24 have been instrumental in our success, from advising us through product development, to standing firmly by us through all the ups and downs along the way. As a startup it is rare to receive the level of support, dedication and commitment at such an early stage; they were just as eager as we were to see us succeed. They are a big part of the Omami story and we are excited to grow with them by our side. 
(Founder) Omami Baby Food